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I'm a passionate programmer. I work for Google in San Francisco. I was a technical lead at Scribd, co-founded the startup Cmsbox, and received my PhD in 2008.

Professional work

I'm a software engineer at Google.

I was a technical lead at Scribd for 5 years. The key projects I worked on were recommendations and payments.

I was the CTO and a co-founder of Cmsbox, a startup providing a cutting-edge web content management system for small and medium enterprises. Cmsbox features an easy-to-use, yet powerful and flexible layout engine that enables users to create and edit content directly on the website. Cmsbox was awarded by the Nielsen Norman Group as one of the 10 best designed applications of 2008.

I am also a co-founder of, a company developing custom business web applications.


I received my PhD from the SCG, University of Berne, Switzerland in 2008. My main research interest is the runtime analysis of object-oriented systems. One key result of my work is a novel approach to decrease runtime and memory overhead of back-in-time debugging by tracking object references in the VM.

Open-source Projects

I am a core contributor and board member of Pharo, a new open-source Smalltalk

Various smaller open-source projects (such as a DTrace provider for Pharo, a Python XMPP daemon for AgileZen, or  a live HTTP request replayer) are available from

I'm the author of the Traits implementation for the Pharo Smalltalk kernel. Traits have since been adopted by languages such as Scala, Perl 6 (known as "roles"), PHP (as of 5.4), and JavaScript (as a library)

I'm a co-author of SqueakSource, a source code repository server similar to Github



Industry Experience

Since 2017 – engineer at Google

2012-2017 – tech lead at Scribd, San Francisco

2007-2011 – CTO and co-founder of Cmsbox

2000-2011 – development lead and co-founder of



2008 – PhD in computer science

2004 – M.S. in computer science



Nielsen Norman Group awarded Cmsbox as one of the 10 Best App UIs of 2008

Cmsbox won the Best of Swiss Web Award 2008

ECOOP 2008 Distinguished Paper award

Ernst Denert-Stiftung Prize 2009 for best PhD thesis


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